Vincent Van Sande shines in Phil Frisco

6456a6f6e012014cb1feec8014b226c6 - Vincent Van Sande shines in Phil Frisco

After smaller performances in Cordon 2′, ‘Chaussée d’amour’ and ‘Sense of Tumor’ has Vincent Van Sande (26) in ‘The Kidnapping Of Phil Frisco’ his first big role to tackle. That writes The Latest News. He, together with Koen De Bouw the gangsterduo that ijsjesboer Phil kidnaps. Vincent plays Frankie, Koen and his father Leon. While Vincent’s dad Guy tried yesterday to journalists to avoid on the court, played Vincent the tiles of the roof on the set in Herentals. After the recording is Of Sande in september with his own play ‘the Start’ in premiere, with music by Ozark Henry. “And there are still other things to which nothing I can lose,” he laughs. That we about him to much to learn to hear, is clear.

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