Victoria Beckham: “Without David, I’m not’

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The rumor mill is still turning at full rpm, which concerns the marriage of Victoria and David Beckham. Victoria then makes direct use of the opportunity to during an event, from Forbes to make clear how pleased she is with her husband.

Victoria Beckham attends

“I allowed myself so fortunate that I have the support of an incredible husband,” she speaks to the audience. “He has me, always encouraged my dreams. Without his support, even at home, I would be really very difficult. We are equal in everything we do at home. He makes all of that possible. He brings the kids to school, help them with their homework and makes the food ready. I can think of no better husband and father wish for than David. When I’m at home, I do those things, of course. It is important that your partners are. ”

Victoria let us know that they are still difficult to find private and work separate. “I have to always remember that I no longer look at my phone when I’m at home. It is okay to e-mail until the next morning to answer. I want my free time to spend with David and the children. I want to be the best mother that I can be, but at the same time, I also want to be the best wife and professional. I must like a lot of women a lot of balls in the air. I do my best, but it is heavy.”

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