Trump will ‘something’ to draw, to separations, to border, to halt

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The American president Donald Trump has said Wednesday that he will soon become a text to sign, which should prevent that children become separated from their parents when they illegally enter the United States.

President Trump will soon be an executive order signed so that families who illegally enter the United States cannot be decomposed to be torn, as the president said in a meeting with fifteen Republican Congressmen in the White House, where also the press was invited.

“We need to be hard or our country is being trampled, by people, by crimes, by all the things that we are not behind it,” said Trump, according to the conservative station Fox Hews. ‘If you are weak, what some people want you that, if you really, really pathetically weak, the country by millions of people trampled. And if you’re hard, then you have no heart. That is a big dilemma. Perhaps I will be rather strong.’

‘We are going to the families to keep everyone together, but we must remain strong on the border, otherwise you will have millions of people see flocking and our country just take over, ” said the president, according to ABC News.

“We want security for our country. The Republicans want security and insisted on security for our country, and we will have. At the same time, we must be compassionate. We want families together, which is very important, ” said the president, according to Fox News.

The Us government has come under fire are, both in their own country or abroad, because in five weeks time, more than 2,300 children separated by their parents. Also first lady Melania was critical for the policy of her husband: ‘I hate to see children separated to see of their parents.”

According to the NBC News, the ministry of Justice and Internal Security, a draft decree was drawn up that temporarily such separations and to stop calling.

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