Trump stops separating children and parents of immigrants

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WASHINGTON – immigrant children that the southern border of the United States to pass, together with their parents will be held. That decision ratifying president Trump today, says a government official to Reuters news agency.

Children of immigrants in a tent city, since the ’zero tolerance’policy.

U.s. media reported earlier in the day that Trump that ’something was changing’ at the zero-tolerancebeleid, after a storm of criticism in part fell. That policy prescribed that illegal migrants were immediately locked – in huge numbers, taking children from parents were separated, and then in reception camps ended up.

The White House defended initially by stating that American law simply prescribes, and that the Democrats have a proposed long-term solution of the Republicans frustreerden. Trump gave the Democrats on Twitter, openly blamed the vices.

However, could the White House do not continue to look away when the outrage to large proportions grew. Also, the Dutch government expressed its disapproval, and did that directly to Washington. Social media was the topic for days at a trending topic.

The decree that Trump sign, ensures that families receive priority in the immigratieproces, so that procedures faster will expire, reports Reuters. The zero-tolerancebeleid remains, except for the separating parents and children, of power.

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