Trump announces solution ’grenskinderen’

f31f161bbba803fa06f9916c102db517 - Trump announces solution ’grenskinderen’

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump will Wednesday sign a decree that the issues around the separation of children from parents who are illegally in the USA are coming to be solved. What the decree actually means, is not known.

Children in a tent camp in Tornillo, Texas, where the children are cared for.

Trump will be a so-called “executive order” issue which he the federal government gives an assignment. Trumps stricter policy on the border with Mexico harvest worldwide fierce criticism and also in Trumps own party, there is dissatisfaction about it. Trump draws criticism now is apparently still on.

Since the introduction in mid-april, approximately 2300 children separated from their parents who are in jail waiting for their trial. Images of children in cages went around the world and caused great outrage.

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