Tom Waes survive a heavy crash

58138bcbdc16cb4fc159db1ce297924f - Tom Waes survive a heavy crash

What Saturday for Tom Waes a relaxing bike ride in Spain had to be, turned out to be a near-death experience.

During his tour in Spain, crashed during a descent at high speed on a car. The windshield is cracked, the bike van Waes broke in pieces: it must be a heavy blow. He is escapes from death, and come there as if by miracle with a scratch and a broken collarbone from. “The impact was huge, but because of his judo background he has, the fall can break”, says Jan Van Immerseel, that the bike ride organised, to The Latest News.
The break is in the meantime operated. The tv, the face, was transferred to a Belgian hospital. Soon start the recordings for the new season of ‘Reizen Waes’, who are very happy not compromised. At that time, would Waes restored.

Waes, of course, is all the one and the other just. ‘Wauters vs. Waes’ he rent his beukspieren and he broke four ribs. After had Tom and Koen, months of numbness in their fingers by their bike tour from Bordeaux to Paris in harsh weather conditions. ‘Tomtesterom’ he continued also far from unscathed: he broke his nose and ankle, was bitten by a shark and ran to irreparable wear and tear on his hip. That has the Waas never stopped, that is to say, never had the feeling that he is with his life was playing.

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