This ’old’ box could be 40 million to produce

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MONTEREY – Sotheby’s in August during the annual Concours d’elegance for automobiles, a rare gem in the deal: a Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962. The auction house expects a record yield of more than 45 million dollars, approximately 40 million euro. As much as it is at a public auction, never paid for a “old car”.

The Italian manufacturer built only 39 examples of this fast and elegant model. The racing cars produced in the last few years, always top prices at. In 2014 ving Bonhams for such a classic from 1963 to the current record of 38,1 million dollars.

Sotheby’s, however, has learned that recently a car of this type from the same year private for 70 million of owner is changed.

The Ferrari 250 GTO this summer under the hammer, since 2000, in the possession of Greg Whitten, the ceo of Numerix Software and former employee of Microsoft in the early years. In the car is the original engine, gearbox and rear axle. Also the bodywork is the same thick 55 years ago from the factory was rolling.

It is not published what Whitten was for about had.

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