This Flemish voices you hear in ‘Fluffling’

3bf2321368069fc0c3651418d4f33536 - This Flemish voices you hear in 'Fluffling'

July 11, appears in the animated film ‘Fell’ in the cinema, a film about a happy little bird that is on the verge of his wings. The Flemish voice cast is been announced today.

Fell often draws on with his best friend Ploveria. During his first flying lesson he is attacked by the Shadow, the falcon. He comes with the terror of it off, but his father survives, the battle is not. Fell does not dare to fly, but the bird migration to the south is the door… and that’s just the beginning of a great adventure!Dries Van Cauwenbergh is the voice of the main character. He played in the musicals ‘14-18’, ‘Mozart’ and ‘Dolfje Weerwolfje’. The voice of his mother is that of Kristel Verbeke, Dries Van Hegen takes the vaderstem. Who is the evil valk Shadow is? No one less than Alex Agnew! Also the voices of Warre Borgmans and Giovanni Kemper in the movie recognize! What Fell is still all waiting, can you from 11 July in the cinema.‘Fluffling’ is an international film (‘Ploey’), in which several countries has appeared. Last month, he won the ‘Best Children’s Film’ on the KICFF Festival in Norway.

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