The Weaver: ‘Glad ghosts have matured’

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N-VA chairman Bart De Wever is happy with the European initiative around refugee centres in North Africa. Opposition party SP.A is not, however, enthusiastic.

“I am glad that the spirits have matured’, is the response of The Weavers Wednesday in The morning on Radio 1 on the news that EU leaders are negotiating with countries from North Africa about the establishment of centers, to economic migrants to separate refugees. “I said this three years ago’, it sounds, and The Weaver finds it ‘a shame that it has taken so long before the spirits are matured, but I’m happy’.

In 2015, called the burgomaster of Antwerp, in the openingscollege political Science at the University of Ghent, indeed, all for the dichtgooien of the external borders of Schengen. ‘Then there must be hotspots will be established in Belgium a pushbackbeleid set up, ” she said then.

‘What are those regional platforms other than pushbacks that are not so may be called?’, asked The Weaver is Wednesday already in The Standard. ‘It is a pity that [Angela] Merkel Europe first other direction has sent out’, he fills in The morning. ‘Now that must be corrected.’

Dignified existence

In the same radio program had SP.A-chairman John Crombez is less optimistic about the initiative. He believes not that all European member states to the proposal of Tusk will accept it. And even if they do, is that not enough’.

Crombez makes the case for increased European investments in the areas where the refugees come from. ‘If we ensure that they have a dignified existence, that people do not tend to to flee to Europe.’

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