‘The only atypical adoptive children for homokoppels’

3f0a21ce98db21d7b6290d2adc3b45c9 - ‘The only atypical adoptive children for homokoppels’

The head of the adoptiedienst in Seine-Maritime, is under fire after a reporter admitted to homosexual couples in the French department of ‘no priority’. “We condemn this strictly’, says the head of department.

“They are themselves, which is atypical in comparison with the social norm, but also with the biological norm,” stated Pascale Lemare, head of the adoptiedienst in the French department of Seine-Maritime, radio station france bleu. “Their adoptieproject is therefore also suitable for atypical children.’

Lemare clarified also what ‘atypical children’ refers to. “A child that no one will want to. Some people don’t want to adopt children that are too damaged or too great a psychological disadvantage, too large, or handicapped.’

“If homosexual couples seeking a child, they can be as a child, best adoption,” says Lemare yet. “They are not a priority, but they are also not excluded.’

If the journalist asks if it’s possible for homokoppels to have a healthy baby of three months to adopt, replied Lemare: “There are couples that perfectly meet the requirements of the adoption bodies. And that’s not to gay couples, no.’

Government condemns statements

The statements made, of course, outrage in France. “I condemn this way of working, strictly and without reservation’, responded to Pascal Martin, head of the departmental council of Seine-Maritime. ‘Sexual preference should not in any case play a role in the adoption process.’

“The statements are at odds with the principles of neutrality, equality and non-discrimination that the public service providers endorse’, said state secretary Olivier Dussopt, on behalf of the government.

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