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The first Tomorrowlandartiest at Graspop (and five other hints for the Metal Meeting)

93d30dcec21e46d12cd22fb7cd144caa - The first Tomorrowlandartiest at Graspop (and five other hints for the Metal Meeting)

With headliners like Guns ‘n Roses, Iron Maiden, Volbeat, and Ozzy Osbourne is Graspop Metal Meeting this year guarantees for heavy metal and ditto guitars. But on the poster there are a few surprises: Tomorrowlandheadliner Bloody Beetroots, for example.

Bloody Beetroots

It must be the first time in history that there is an overlap between Tomorrowland and Gmm – usually two extremes on the festivalspectrum. But the organization is convinced that the Italian electro-dj not from the show will fall off on Sunday, and we actually also. Robert Rifo remixed earlier Metallica and released in 2017, a record with contributions from Jane’s Addiction and In Flames. In addition, he brings a live band along: keep your horns high while dancing.

Sunday 24/6, 23.20 hours, the Metal dome.


So heavy, cumbersome and vexing as the suffering of the world on the shoulders of Neurosis weighs in: it seems that the firmament for the Greek Atlas a compliment. So there are more bands on this festival, but rarely is the atmosphere is so oppressive, the screaming urgently, and the guitars are so intense – even if it is acoustic. With a career of thirty years and twelve plates, the influence of Californians on the post – and sludgemetal not to be underestimated: without Neurosis no Amenra.

Friday 22/6, 23: 30, Metal Dome.


If you are following the satanic opera Ghost (Thursday 21/6, 20u50, Main Stage) by your stock ritual slaughter of chickens, you can always catch your breath in Skillet. The christian band around the couple, John and Korey Cooper signs for a more poppy metal that leans at Linkin Park, though with a more positive message: if they are ‘Invincible’ feeling, is that thanks to the Lord Jesus.

Saturday 23/6, 15.50 pm, Main Stage.

A Perfect Circle

Eat the elephant, recommends the new album from A Perfect Circle to us. That we are not going to do, but we want to be the elephant in the room, however, appoint: the world yearns for a new album by Tool. Part of the reason that the band hatelijker procrastination shows than the average university student, it is because singer Maynard James Keenan is happy to play with A Perfect Circle, where he, jazz, electro and plain pop (“So long, and thanks for all the fish’) by the guitars weaves. Not that you hears us complain.

Sunday 24/6, 00.10 am, Main Stage.

Parkway Drive

Forget the delusion that metal is a niche is without commercial potential: with their sixth album Reverence parked the Australians from Parkway Drive is actually five in the Flemish albumhitlijst, between Jasper Steverlinck and Ed Sheeran. There, they draw more than ever for meezingbare stadionmetal – we hear the Stenehei now clap ‘Prey’. And if they should be rewarded: they may be the Main Stage shut down, after Iron Maiden.

Friday 22/6 23.15 pm, Main stage.

Dead Cross

Faith No More singer Mike Patton and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo had meaning in a new project with the bassist of The Locust. Does it come as a surprise that we then also makes sense to get to that project go-live? Manic vocals, manic drums, manic guitars, and song titles as “Grave slave” and ” Church of the motherfuckers’: eat this, Graspop. After the debut album from 2017 surprised Dead Cross last month with two new songs. Or in other words: (almost-)fifties, with eagerness, where teenagers in a tip to be able to suck.

Sunday 24/6, 21: 40 hours, the Marquee.

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