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The figures prove it: Romelu Lukaku is world

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He says himself that he is not interested, but Romelu Lukaku could be world cup-topschutter can be. With his two goals, he is already well on the way. Well on its way to become final at the sounding of wereldspitsen to scissors. According to the figures he is in some ways even better.

“I stand there in the first place, to goals.’ It seemed as though Romelu Lukaku that casually told VRT reporter Peter Vandenbempt, but nothing is less true. Big Rom knows very well what he says. And he wants to just to make it clear to all his detractors: take me just finish on my goals. And those who do, can only lament that Lukaku at the age of 25, the world summit has been reached. Because he scores easier for his country than Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski.

‘Lukaku is a real goalscorer,” says coach Roberto Martinez, who already worked with him at Everton. “He is always a threat for the opponents. It is a combination of instinct and automatic reactions. But he has a lot of confidence when he is in front of goal.”

Lukaku has in his performance a step forward. At the world cup in Brazil, he began still in the tournament as a holder, but had to make way for Divock Origi. Now there is – even with a Batshuayi in shape – in no way doubt about its status as a holder. Even more, Lukaku is today a leader for the Red Devils. Monday in the circle for the game against Panama was the Lukaku that the group addressed.

But Lukaku would Lukaku have not been yet, if there is not a bit of reservation in his performance placed would be. Now was the criticism that he was in the first half was invisible. With just seven baltoetsen that can not be denied, but even without the ball he often two defenders to the talk. Eden Hazard said there that ” we “with a man less played’. But should we be sorry if he there two binnentrapt? ‘That depends on the type of race. By the style of play of Panama, we could not directly to Romelu. There placed two men on him. The plan was to use the space on the flanks to use. Romelu just had to be the terminus of our action. He scored twice, so he has done well.’


Scores faster than Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Kane

Lukaku scores for the Devils once every 105 minutes. An outrageous statistic, because there is no topspits that the world cup is present, do better in his national team.

Most efficient player at the world cup

Two attempts on goal and two times price: Lukaku is the most efficient striker at the world cup. Ronaldo (4 attempts for 3 goals), Good (5 to 3 goals), Kane, Costa and Dzyuba (3 for 2 goals) all had further attempts.

Scores for the two international matches

With 38 goals in 70 international matches scores Lukaku, on average, in at least half of their national football team. He is already an end beyond the previous external links Paul Van Himst and Bernard Court. Who scored both of thirty times for the Red Devils.

Fifth Belgian with two goals in one world cup match

It seems to be a matter of time before Lukaku the Belgian topschutter at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. With his three world cup goals, he must only Marc Wilmots (5) and Jan Ceulemans (4) a step behind. He is also the fifth Belgian with two goals in one world cup match. His predecessors: Bernard Voorhoof (1934), Pol Anoul (1954), Wilfried Van Moer (1970) and Marc Wilmots (1998).

Fifteen goals in ten international matches

Especially his numbers from this season, the Devils have been impressive. Lukaku played ten international matches and scored fifteen times. He scored only not in the oefenmatch against Portugal, but when he played only one half. There is not one player who last season float scored for his national team than Lukaku.

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