Sunday European ’asieltop’ in Brussels on asylum

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BERLIN/BRUSSELS – In Brussels, Sunday, an informal ” asieltop held with EU countries that deal a lot with migrants. The German chancellor Angela Merkel wants Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria and Spain join to these problems is for the European summit of 28 and 29 June.

Angela Merkel

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said that he the meeting organizes “in the run-up to the forthcoming European Council together with a group of heads of state or government of the interested member states to go in search of European solutions.” Or prime minister Rutte joins him is still unclear.

Merkel in German politics under great pressure to the end of the month with a European migration policy for the day to come to it the migrantenstroom to master. The conservative Bavarian wing of the christian democrats in Germany, with a break with Merkel and thus precipitated a governmental crisis threatened about the immigration policy. If Europe does not rapidly with a combined approach, would be Germany in July to begin themselves migrants at the border, to send away. Merkel wants absolutely not and is working for a European approach.


But the EU countries are in a standoff over the migratievraagstuk, inter alia, about the distribution of asylum seekers among the member states. The EU now wants a plan to come to migrants at sea are saved to the centres in North Africa. On this so-called “ontschepingsplatforms” should, in cooperation with the UN economic migrants and refugees in need of protection, quickly tell them apart. Although there are many (legal) hooks and eyes are, there is for this plan is broad support in Europe, but also of the Dutch government.

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