Stan drives the voltage on the Family

e090a769e6605e5f09e03e76ea32dd93 - Stan drives the voltage on the Family

There would be maybe a season finale when the Family is coming? Yes, next Friday – June 29 is the day, and then get the viewers an extra-long episode to see. Over the last weeks increases the voltage times the on time, and Wednesday night did Stan, played by Kristof Verhassel, there is still a scoop on top. Robbed Stan himself is truly life after he Hanne (Margot Hallemans) per accident of the road was waving? And is it danger for his ex Evy (Marianne Devriese) and her new love Martin (Michael Vroemans) therefore departed? Or staged Stan his death and he is still out for revenge? Those questions kept the Family audience in recent days. In the episode of Wednesday night gave the viewers already get the answer to some of the questions. Stan dookt namely again and we were witness of how the ex of Evy in the biggest secret weapon buy. His eyes let there be no doubt: he is ready for action. But what’s he going to do? The episode ended already with the spine-chilling image of Stan next to the bedside of Hanne. She runs into danger or put Stan set his sights on Evy and or Maarten? Stan looked with his eyes to the upper floor. In the preview from Thursday, we see Evy in any case, she is alive still so in. But will Stan still, in one way or another strike?

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