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Spain demolishes Persian wall only after the rest in the first exciting and then crazy party

74f4dcab263473d0958ec7a6ef66ce01 - Spain demolishes Persian wall only after the rest in the first exciting and then crazy party

Not more of this time, the way in which Iran tried to keep the zero against Spain. The Persians camped with eleven players in the private backlijn and thought only to defend, and time win, to the great frustration of Spain and the majority of the public opinion. In the second half was the Iranian wall is still demolished thanks to a lucky goal from Diego Costa. And then it turned out suddenly that Iran could play football.

Eighty-six Spanish possession before the break. Now are Iniesta and co used the ball to monopolize, but this had the Spaniards probably never experienced before. Spain started with Lucas Vazquez in the place of the more controlling Koke and also Carbajal appeared fully recovered from his injury. More talk power, so that had to render. In Iran remained Ostend-defender Rezaeian in the base.

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Iran showed the initiative logically and of necessity to the Iberians and showed immediately that they have a true trench warfare would create. The sprightly Spanish – Isco and Iniesta ahead – tried with quick playmaking, the defensive girdle of the Iranians to unlock but each time came a Persian limb on that them the football and prevented. The best chance fell to the feet of David Silva but his effort was still in the last instance, allowed to creep in. The Iranians themselves were not, or barely, in the neighborhood of goalkeeper David De Gea.

Alireza Beiravand

The same spelbeeld after the break Spain went massively in the direction of Alireza Beiranvand, but the 1m94 great goalkeeper refused, at first, a contraction to give. An attempt by Busquets was in two times from a goal whipped. Spain was crazy, especially when an icicle of Ansarifard almost in the goal of The Gea, and disappeared.

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But the goal finally fell still on the other side. Iniesta played Costa free, Ostend-defender Rezaeian wanted to dismiss but disappeared through the shin of the Spanish striker, yet one in purpose. Iran responded via a header from Mehdi but it had now become egelstelling leave Spain any space. And yet! Ezatolahi own and feel like the king of Assyria when he through a bunch of players at the end past The Gea to bounce back. The VAR handle, however, rightly in. At the moment the free kick on the left, was the shooter being offside.

This seemed to be the spring of the Iranians finally broken. A rehearsed Spanish corner had the race final to decide but the underdogs wanted to, literally and figuratively, no folds, no matter how hard Piqué also tried the ball over the line to push. The competition has since evolved from exciting to hilarious and with just one goal difference could the Spaniards not happy. And with good reason! A beautiful Iranian attack – Amiri that Busquets poortte – always had the equalizer to produce but Mehdi nodded in the equalizer from close over the cage of The Gea.

Spain held and earned, of course, the three points but Iran was ultimately a crazy and quite entertaining competition. This was far from a gezondheidswandeling for the Spaniards.

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