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South Korean stock exchange Bithumb hacked, thieves steal 30 million dollars

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Hacks of exchanges are, unfortunately, also to the everyday life of crypto-exchanges, such as the roller coaster rides of crypto currency exchange rates. The crypto exchange Bithumb from South Korea has reported a few hours ago that she had become the victim of a hacker attack. All trading activities on the stock exchange were set.

The stock market Bithumb today is like night, German time, apparently a hacker attack to the victim, in the case of the crypto-currencies to the value of 30 million dollars stolen.

At the present time is not entirely clear when exactly the attack took place, however, Bithumb has stopped as of 00:53 PM all deposits and all assets in Cold Wallets to avoid further losses. A Twitter message from tonight has now been deleted.

This stated that all losses are fully covered by the stock exchange (freely translated):

We have verified that some of the crypto were stolen currencies to the value of about $ 30.000.000. This stolen crypto covered and all the assets are transferred in a Cold Wallet will be the currencies of Bithumb.

At the time of writing are still frozen all activity on the stock exchange and Bithumb appealed to their users, no withdrawals until the stock market has solved the security problem.

According to the official messages of the company they are working hard to solve that Problem. It remains to be seen whether and to what extent crypto-currencies stolen. We press it the thumbs that everything can be quickly solved.

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