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Skycoin: staff of the Marketing Department extort CEO

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In a blog post, employees of Skycoin describe the chaotic processes in your company. Accordingly, a total of nine employees of the Marketing team, have visited the managing Director of a Synth and his wife in their apartment in order to blackmail you and Rob. They entered there, in order to obtain, under the threat of violence, the source code of the project and several Wallets.

The comparatively unknown block chain project Skycoin, there is already since the year 2012. Skycoin has, among other things, a network architecture, a self-developed programming language, the in-house decentralized Messenger, and a private Social Media Forum for communication within the Community. The Skycoin (SKY) can be mined with a Mining Hardware. In the last few weeks, the project has achieved, however, with less serious sounding news attention. In the first weeks after the Online trading space Binance has taken this crypto currency in your own Portfolio, fell from the SKY-course due to massive sales in the basement. The managers of a Beijing company, has been accused of Insider trading in a big way.

But this sounds harmless in comparison to the operations that were described yesterday, Monday, on the Blog of the company. Nine employees of the company have gained by force access to the apartment of the Manager. You were the CEO of a Synth and his wife in the private rooms for six hours caught. During this time, you have threatened, beaten and robbed. The intruders were after the Wallets of the CEO. Due to safety precautions, the Criminals were able to steal during the time, only 18,88 Bitcoin and 6.466 Skycoin. Also, the employees of the Marketing tried to Department, to facilitate the managing Director to the source code of the entire Skycoin-Ecosystem, what is miss long.

Skycoin: Online-trading places seized stolen goods

So that the captured Coins could not be sold to any third party, contacted several Online trading courses, in order to let the credit freeze. A number of providers have temporarily locked the Accounts of the owners of the stolen Wallets, to prevent further movement of illegally acquired funds. Of course the operations have a negative impact on the Skycoin course (SKY). While this was in may around 34 US dollars, the rate is currently at 7.31 per US Dollar. Alone during the first hours after the announcement of the predatory extortion by in-house employees, there was a devaluation of around 30 percent. The management hopes that, due to the setting of the thief is good a further negative impact on the course of history would be missing.

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