Sir Patrick Stewart again in ‘Star Trek’

2dab7ec14dbe1495ebfdfe69bcf52e96 - Sir Patrick Stewart again in 'Star Trek'

CBS tries to get Patrick Stewart to play for a new project around ‘Star Trek’. The American tv channel, hopes that he is again in the skin wants to crawl out of captain Jean-Luc Picard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter has producer Alex Kurtzman a deal of five years for new series of ‘Star Trek’. He was previously involved in the new series of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ which last year went.

CBS would still not respond to the rumors that Stewart is again one of the party would be. He played the lead role in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation”, which since the late eighties was broadcast.

His last appearance in the series was in 2002, in the movie ‘Star Trek Nemesis’. Recently alluded to the 77-year-old Briton himself on his return. He said in an interview that he will be the new series had not yet seen, but that he “perhaps had good grounds for that soon to going to do”.

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