Simon Cowell promises dogs young participant

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Jeffrey Li, a 13-year-old participant in the program America’s Got Talent along with Simon Cowell a puppy to figure out.

Simon Cowell

The boy known during his audition that he is like any child sometimes lonely and feels that he is like a puppy would buy with the money, should he eventually win. This, said Cowell, himself an avid dog lover: “If you audition, do well, buy me a puppy for you. Put ’m on!”

The boy, from Canada, sang You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and picked up the entire hall in with his performance. The jury was bowled over Jeffrey. According to Mel B he sang like an angel and Howie Mendall called him the young male Celine Dion. It was Simon Cowell himself that his promise has performed: “This was a great audition. Not only do you have four times ’yes’ to all of us, you will have a dog!”

Jeffrey loves a German shepherd, ” because the entire day with me, would play and that I would very much like.”

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