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Shares in the company: block state offers Equity Token Offering via Newfoundland

16bb6efe5d2e5112746074ca76c90bdc - Shares in the company: block state offers Equity Token Offering via Newfoundland

Block state, a company from the Swiss town of Zug, one of the world’s first Equity Token Offerings (ETO) on the Newfoundland platform. So that is it for investors to acquire shares in the company in the Form of tokens.

ICOs are in the fast-moving crypto world is now almost old hat. Also there are an almost uncountable quantity. What substantive function, to meet the given Utility Tokens, often in the stars. Accordingly, the need for the Token emission, which is limited to the Essential: the Collection of capital. Such a capital measure via the Token, the Swiss government licensed company is claiming to have an Equity-Token-Fundraising-Service on the Blockchain. One of the first companies to take this Service, is the block state.

Full of all of the block state pulls the Equity Token Offering on the blockchain-based financing platform of Newfoundland. So the company developed a blockchain-based financial products and services for the areas of Asset Management, Debt Issuance and derivatives trading.

According to the press release, the ECHO is BTC, it is the goal that investors receive in the future, easier access to crypto-Assets. You want to protect full compliance with all European regulatory Standards, in particular PRIIP and UCITS, private and institutional investors intransparent structures and fees.

The Blockchain technology, we hope a wider access for all types of investors:

“The cost for the issuance, structuring and trading of financial products are so high that this box was reserved for large investors and investment banks. The Blockchain technology allows us, finally, to counter these barriers and to pave the way for a more inclusive financial market”,

Michael Weber, co-founder and managing Director of block state, responsible for financial market – and product-related topics at the block state.

The first product will be a kind of index Fund. With the CTF15 you want to develop in the course of the year, a product that shows currencies of the 15 largest Crypto. For the coming year, further products are also planned. So blockchain-based technologies are at the center, which will enable financial institutions to circumvent Intermediaries and thus is significantly more cost-effective.

What is it with the Equity Token Offering to

How to block state indicates, it is one of the first six companies that emit over Newfoundland shares in the company in the Form of tokens. On your platform, companies can issue shares in the Form of a Token, the private and institutional investors in shareholder rights.

Accordingly, euphoric block state co-founder Paul Claudius is:

“That we perform as one of the first companies to have a regulatory fully compliant with ETO on Blockchain-based, it fits perfectly with our Mission to facilitate the access to financial products for investors of all kinds. From this and many other reasons, we are very happy to be able to our ETO over Newfoundland.”

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