Schiphol puts ‘bitcoin machine’

d6df61b3f6f7f10b481333d5b1ae904e - Schiphol puts ‘bitcoin machine’

Travellers on the Dutch airport Schiphol airport, shortly before departure on their last euro to lose want, from Wednesday to redeem for cryptomunten bitcoin and ethereum.

At the airport is if trial a ” bitcoin vending machines’ dropped. Schiphol airport is the first European airport offering this service.

“With the bitcoin vending machine we hope travelers to operate because they are local euros can easily be exchanged for the global bitcoin or ethereum’, says Tanja Dik, managing director, Consumer Products & Services at amsterdam airport Schiphol. “That can be useful, because they are, for example, in their home country and not be able to use euros.”

The trial is a partnership between Schiphol and the Dutch company ByeleX Data Solutions BV (The Byecoin Company). At first, the vending machine for a period of six months at the airport. In this period, looking at whether the service meets the needs of travelers.

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