Sam Gooris, Sergio and Willy Sommers on 2nd Leive Vloms

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Wednesday afternoon asked the vzw Oude Markt Leuven, Ships, Festivities and Tourism, Dirk Vansina and Jan Hermans, in the newly opened Bardot, the poster of Leive Vloms, edition 2. This year the schlager – and ambiancefeest place on Friday, August 3, and be there at the iconic Leuven’s Old Market, a mass of passers-by are expected for the performances of Sam Gooris, sfeerschepper Sergio and living legend Willy Sommers. Together with the New Bis Band, they bring their biggest hits and singalong songs. “The 2nd Leive Vloms-edition will remain free, but we want €3 per passer-by to retrieve for the fight against and research into the disease multiple sclerosis (MS). “Last year there were more than 10,000 passers-by and we could, thanks to politicians and sympathizers, a thickened cheque issuing of €13,000. Our campagnegezicht Jan Hermans – a former bartender at the Old Market who faced the disease – and Tom Meurris, head physician of the MS center, were very happy with it. The next edition, we aim for an average contribution of €3 per passer-by. That has been converted to only €1 per performing artist, and who are their €1 more than worth it, believe me”, says Erik De Rop on behalf of co-organiser vzw Oude Markt, which is also the Leuven city council thank you, and a host of sympathizers and volunteers that are behind the scenes free bets for the festival. “For me, Leive Vloms a solidariteitsfestival, next to the piece of entertainment also provides a forum to my story, and the fight against MS to bring attention. With full conviction, I turn me back this year for Leive Vloms, and if I have the line-up, and the enthusiasm to hear and read of the people who last year were, you can rest assured that Friday, August 3, again a topeditie is going to be,” says Jan Heremans. All info about the festival can be found on the new website

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