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Russia and Uruguay already sure of a place in the quarter-final after shallow victory of South Americans against Saudi Arabia

Uruguay has qualified for the eighth finals after a poor victory against Saudi Arabia (1-0). Jubilaris Luis Suarez scored his hundredth international match his 52nd goal, Russia and Uruguay may be next week Monday part who as group winners to the quarter-final. The Russians have enough of a draw.

No, Uruguay could not convince against Saudi Arabia. The oliejongens had the heavy pandoering against Russia (5-0) are clearly left behind, and started vrank en vrij in the competition. The Saudi’s demanded the ball and only really threatened they did not.

However, it was the South Americans who on lead came. After a corner kick went goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais loose under the ball and Luis Suarez took the gift in thanks to in his 100th international match. His sixth goal after three world CHAMPIONSHIPS, number 52 in the blue shirt of La Celeste. No Quarter did ever better. The saudis responded but Hattan Bahebri got twice the ball against the nets. The advantage of Suarez and co was also flattered.

Disappointing, Uruguay

After the break, initially the same spelbeeld. The skilled saudis demanded possession of the ball without really dangerous. A disappointing Uruguay could in the heat of Rostow never give the impression that the five-zero of the Russians would be able to match.

On the hour was the fuel tank of the Saudi’s still slowly but surely empty and got Uruguay, a few half and full opportunities. A second time, the score was not, however, more so, because goalkeeper Al Owais now would be appropriate to respond to a breakthrough of Cavani. A final offensive by the saudis yielded nothing more.

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