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Ronaldo has praised the “very strong” Moroccans, coach “proud” despite shutdown

d3e4310eeb701b332b9397a6261549b3 - Ronaldo has praised the “very strong” Moroccans, coach “proud” despite shutdown

Cristiano Ronaldo was delighted with the victory and the goal Wednesday at the world cup against Morocco, but also realize that Portugal was well off. “They were very strong”, said Ronaldo after the game about the aggressive Moroccans. Morocco counts 0 to 6 in group B and is the first country at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia off.



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“The most important thing was the three points to address”, according to the provisional world cup topschutter with four goals. “And that victory was actually a surprise, because they were very strong and had many chances. I am also happy to for the second time to the Man of the Match to be elected. I expect that we still will be better. The best is to just match per match for the qualification.”

Ronaldo’s colleague and midfielder Bernardo Silva was still something sharper for the private performance. “We know that it is better. The game should be much better, and we need more of the ball track. We are going to the competition now revisit it to see what Iran can do better. Cristiano gives us again the victory. It is a pleasure to have him among us. It is a fantastic player. If he is already not the best in history, yet one of the best.”

“Morocco had earned more”

Also Portuguese coach Fernando Santos felt that Morocco had earned. “They were more aggressive and have the best opportunities. We have had good luck. We have expanded going to talk about how it so could happen.”

Especially after the peace went wrong with the European champion. “We lost the control and no ball came more to a player. All the trust seemed to be looking at our players. This is where we need to work the next day.”

A statement had Santos not. “I don’t know. We pulled us back and let the opponent to play football. Then you ask for trouble against a team with a lot of individual quality.”

Again, the 33-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo for the difference. “Cristiano is like port wine, he gets finer as he gets older,” decided Santos.

Moroccan national coach proud of team: “the Courage shown against Portugal”

The Moroccan national coach Hervé Renard was in spite of the defeat, proud of his team. “We have shown daring and offensive played against a team that excels in the counter-attack.”

The Moroccans had several opportunities but could not capitalize. A player like Cristiano Ronaldo has Renard is not in the ranks. “It is certainly so that it is easier to play with someone who is at one chance enough to score,” said the Frenchman. “We had many chances, but we can’t blame. That is football, they are more efficient in front of goal to win. We have shown daring and offensive played against a team that excels in the counter-attack. Unfortunately we were not rewarded.”

“The entire Moroccan people should be very proud on this team. Two and a half years ago, we are together on an adventure started. We were 81e on the world ranking, today we are 41st. And after 20 years of absence, Morocco has re-placed for the world cup. We have shown here that we can play football”, decided to Renard.

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