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Rock Werchter takes off with a shuttle from Leuven to Brussels

The organisers of Rock Werchter submit this year for the first time after the end of each day of the festival a shuttle service between Leuven and Brussels.

The bus leaves at 2.30 pm at platform 2 from the bus stop for the station of Leuven and will stop at Brussels-North, Brussels-Central and Brussels-South.

As last year, driving there in addition, during the festival, almost continuous buses of The Line from the stations of Aarschot and Leuven to the festival grounds and back.

A ride with the night shuttle bus service between Leuven and Brussels will cost sixteen euro. Tickets in advance through Ticketmaster to be bought. On the website, warn the organizers to interested parties to the ticket in good time to buy since the number of places is limited. The bus will start, incidentally, in the same location as the Line-buses festival goers on their return in Leuven marketing.

Rock Werchter festival find place this year from 5 to 8 July.

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