Puddingtaartje lost in space

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Derbyshire – primary students are a cake, which they in space have sent lost sight of. The transmitter is that the position of the baking had to keep, it is impossible to trace.

The cake flew at a height of 16,000 m.

Students of a school in the English town of Derbyshire, left last Monday on a puddingtaartje the space flown by means of a balloon. A transmitter held by how high it flew, what the temperature was at that location, and was on the road photos. So reports The Telegraph.

At the last measurement showed the cake at a height of 16,000 feet and he flew over the English place Saxilby, when the contact was broken.

The school has let us know that they had hoped that the balloon is a height of 35,000 m would reach. The search for the baking is still in full swing. Last year, students already have a testballon in the air. It was found on a beach in Skegness. “We hope that this happens again, so we know which route the pudding has passed”, said a spokesman of the school.


The experiment was carried out in order to raise money for a good cause. The students were sponsored by local businesses.

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