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Promising language of Eden Hazard: “This must be my CHAMPIONSHIP”

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The Red Devils have today have not been trained and found Eden Hazard (27) fun. “I’ve literally done nothing,” he says with a big smile. “Allez, a bit of games played. But nothing more. Others have themselves trained. But I am not (laughs).”

But it is not because there are not trained is that the players are not focusing on the world championships. “But mentally, it does, it is a joy to have it all just take a moment to let, to do what you want,” says Hazard, who also had heard that the people in Belgium have a greater performance expected of the Red Devils than what they showed against Panama.

“You expect a lot”

“You expect a lot. But we have during the world cup given that there is – except on the first match of Russia – that almost all games with only one or two goals difference were won. But we won with 3-0, so so bad. But everyone always expects of Belgium that we are always beautiful football, that we have 80 percent possession of the ball, that we fifty times on goal kicks and forty times scoring (laughs). But I say unto you: it doesn’t work. Sometimes you have tough matches and you will win but with 1-0, but the important thing is that we win games. But if you have that much talent in a group then it is not abnormal that a lot of people expect.”

Also of Hazard itself is expected. Belgium has the feeling that this world cup should be. “I also have that feeling that it’s my WC. I am now 27 years old, play my second world cup, have individually a strong season played. All the elements come together to make a nice tournament to play.”

No English

“If the trainer is there, then we talk English because everyone speaks English. But among each other we speak mainly in French. Because the Dutch players can all French, but the French can’t speak French (laughs). Total not even. That is one of the only things in my life that I regret. That I don’t speak Dutch as a player of the national team. Especially as captain. How come? I am at a young age to France departed. And yes… French people are not so concerned with other languages (laughs). I try to what to learn, but I actually have no time for (winks).”

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