Princess Christina (71) suffers from bone cancer

2a8e8d5eacaf778f7f09e8dd7437bdee - Princess Christina (71) suffers from bone cancer

Princess Christina has bone cancer. That is, in the autumn of 2017 have come to light, reports the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst.

Since last winter, her condition is stable and she feels, therefore, to conditions good.

Christina, the youngest sister of princess Beatrix of the netherlands, sees her illness as a chronic condition where they can live, according to the RVD.

The princess lives in London and appears little in the public domain. She has performed multiple times as a singer and gave her name to a foundation for young music-making children and young people, the Princess Christina Competition. She is divorced and has three children: Bernardo (1977), Nicolás (1979) and Juliana (1981).


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