Premier Italy flute populist Salvini back

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ROME – The partijloze Italian premier Giuseppe Conte has his right-populist minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini meantime. Salvini who, with his party, the Lega, especially against immigration, illegal immigrants and the EU during rough use, wanted to this week, suddenly to know how many Roma there are in Italy life. To get an idea of the situation, “we must once again do what used to count was called,” he said on the tv.

Giuseppe Conte

Conte has stressed that “no one here intends to be on ethnic basis, censuses and that, incidentally, is in conflict with the law and is clearly discriminatory”.

The professor in law Conte is by the verkiezingswinnaars of 4 march, Matteo Salvini of the Lega and Luigi Di Maio of the eurosceptic populists of the Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S) put forward as a compromise prime minister. Conte had no political experience before he was at the beginning of this month government.

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