Pixar and Disney get new bosses

Pixar and Disney get new bosses

Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee will be the animation studios Pixar and Disney lead. They follow John Lasseter, who resigned after complaints about unacceptable behaviour.

Docter directed earlier on the Pixar films ‘Up’ and ‘Inside Out’ and Lee was responsible for the direction of the Disney-picture ‘Frozen’. The two take the creative leadership of the two companies and the future for the coming years outlining.

Lasseter is a founding member of Pixar and was boss at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He is the man behind films like ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars’ and was seen as the new Walt Disney.

In november, it announced that Lasseter that he had a sabbatical of six months, after inappropriate behaviour towards employees of the company. He admitted that he has failed to be a culture of “trust and respect” in his studios to create.

Disney had earlier this month in a press release to know that the 61-year-old Lasseter to the end of the year a consultant will be. Then he leaves the entertainmentgigant.

It is still not clear where the man accused. He would transgressions have been committed, which some of the employees of the animation studio itself, very uncomfortable would have felt.

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