Peter van der Vorst, furious at the pope

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Peter van der Vorst is a waste on the pope. He denounces the statements of the head of the Roman Catholic church about the family. Pope Francis says that a family only can be formed by a man and a woman and not by lesbians and gays.

Peter writes on Twitter: “Brrr, this discriminatory wolf in sheep’s clothing provides just that we have no ‘family’… Then ie once a day to run at our home…”

His followers are totally with the presenter. “Well… what else can you expect from a man in a dress… enjoy your family”, writes Ineke. Wout let us know: “he Lets his mouth but keep at it, one after the other clerical-abuse scandal within the church plopt. It comes to opvoedkwaliteit, not to sex.”

Peter and his man Sander adopted in 2008 son, Levi.

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