Panic: beer Moscow almost on

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Moscow – Soccer and assigned to go hand in hand. International football fans have since the start of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Moscow already drunk so much, that there is a shortage of beer is likely to arise in the Russian capital.

A football fan in Moscow.

Especially the bars around the Red Square in the Kremlin see their biervoorraad fall. “We did not expect them to only beer would drink,” says a waiter at Reuters news agency.

The wait for the new loads of beer takes a very long time because suppliers, too little beer.”At this moment there are a lot of people in Moscow. And drink them all. In addition, it is warm and it is football…..”, according to the waiter.

The last ten years, the sale of beer with a third declined. This is due to the stricter supervision on advertisements and the sale of pints of beer. Major international brands such as Heineken and Carlsberg had allegedly not taken into account with the rising demand around the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Moscow.

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