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On a roadtrip with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman

725db238c2ea78720551abacde288daf - On a roadtrip with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman

You may wonder why stations without a world cup soccer broadcast, yet the effort to even íéts programming. Four tries with ‘Rain man’. Perhaps because of the opgeschoren hairstyle of Dustin Hoffman now all the rage among footballers.


Four, 20.45-23.20 hours

Charlie Babbitt is a critter nest with like an easy street in California. When he find out that his previously unknown brother Raymond, that autism has, the great inheritance of their father opstrijkt, he wants to stop her for stitches. The two leave on an unexpected roadtrip through the United States.


NPO2, 20.30-22.00

Been three years old, this seventh season of this solid British detectivereeks, but that does not matter, it is all in the sixties. Martin Shaw is in this series as good shape as before in Judge John Deed.


Canvas, 22.10-23.10 hours

This documentary about the devastating consequences of excessive drinking was last year on tv, but when we were so straalbezopen that we are nothing more to remember. Thank you, Canvas for the second chance.


NPO2, 22.55-00.25 hours

Eva, her husband and their 20-year-old son and daughter love to go hunting in Africa. They have said good reasons for. The large sums of money that they need changed hands in the comfort and safety of endangered animals to shoot, pose no obstacle. Their bizarre jachtlogica is through the diligent observation of director Ulrich Seidl uncovered.

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