Nieuwsanker overcome by emotions at breaking news about immigrant children

Newsreader Rachel Maddow of the American channel MSNBC during a live broadcast of the torch passed on to a colleague because they are too emotional was to post a message about migrant children to read.

It was a difficult news for Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night. Just when the newsreader from MSNBC, the separation of migrantenfamilies the American-Mexican border is discussed, she got through her earpiece breaking news on the topic. Maddow was the viewer informed that the government also babies and toddlers from their parents separated them in a special opvangplekken in South Texas.

“Wait,” says the reader, overcome affected by your emotions, after a few sentences. ‘One moment please.” Maddow goes even a few sentences visible emotion and then decided to stop working.


The protest against the separation of migrantenfamilies to the American border has been growing for a few days. Several politicians in the netherlands and abroad condemned the policy of migration from president Trump after images, and audio clips were leaked of children crying to their parents.


Wednesday evening (Belgian time) let the American president know that he quickly ‘something’ would draw to the separations at the border to stop.

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