New world cup babe: so fell Axelle of pedestal

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MOSCOW – Now a porn star Natalia Nemtsjinova there with the title ’face of the world cup run off is gone, the thoughts back to Axelle Despiegelaere. The two seem to have nothing to share, except for a perfect face and Natalia should be happy if it stays that way.

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This photo of Axelle (right) was accidentally created, but then went viral. She has a Russian successor.

Coincidence does not exist? The total unknown Axelle Despiegelaere (17) walk on June 22, down in the Brazilian Maracanã stadium, where the Red Devils encourages. She falls on her ’riotous behaviour’, would photographer Yorick Jansens later in The Morning to explain. “That half hour for the contest is the only chance to get some pictures of supporters. Coincidentally, they came to my side.”

The photo of Axelle, a close up of the girl with a black-yellow-red duivelsmutsje, goes viral. She gets huwelijksaanzoeken, decorates covers, get dickpics and four days later world cup babe bombarded. Axelle gives interviews like hot cakes, and her father, and businessman Yves cries of happiness. Later, she signs for L’oréal, following in the footsteps of Doutzen Kroes.

“I had never experienced before, but it was a great experience. In the beginning, I was everywhere recognized, yes. People were always on the watch: is it now or not? That was a little awkward for me, because I was totally not used to it,” she said later.

So would that one race of her life on its head. The opponent that night? Russia. Four years later, the world CHAMPIONSHIP of 2018 official world cup babe, a Russian blonde, with two flags in hand and a short top, in the camera and smiles. Millions of men jump on for the tv.

Natalia Nemtsjinova, also known as porn actress Natalya Andreeva and Delilah G.

What turns out? The Russian is in all things the counterpart of Axelle. She is not shy, nor a ’green leaf’: it turns out to be Natalia Nemtsjinova, a dyed in the wool dyed pornomodel. While Axelle enjoyed the clicking of cameras, see Natalia she is on a daily basis. In addition, she was during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in France, where she was her country’s fanatical chase traveled, also already eagerly photographed, and she is in her personal life is also not averse to the camera.

Nevertheless, we may Nemtsjinova hope that they Axelle’t chase. Her fame rose to great heights, but they fell hard from the pedestal when a jachtfoto appeared, shortly after the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Then he posed the Belgian with a dead antelope. And a shotgun. Fans reacted furiously, the news media took off – “The decline of world cup babe Axelle”, headlined the serious The Morning and L’oréal tried initially the fire to appease, but the damage was done.

This photo caused disillusionment among fans.

At that moment, part of her image as fast as her online empire. Social media profiles on be erased. After a few weeks they will get less attention and now, four years later, she still occasionally modeling, and promotes jeanskleding. The real fame is over. “Now I’ll sometimes still hear: we know each other somewhere?”

In the meantime, she studies ’ordinary’ communication, after an earlier study rights, because they are by the experiences in Brazil became interested in the advertising and media world’. For instance, Axelle nearly back to the anonymous life of that time; something that Natalia Nemtsjinova, the new Russian world cup babe, presumably as spectre will see, though they sometimes still must yearn for a life without spotlights.

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