Murder XXXTentacion probably unplanned

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The death of the successful American rapper XXXTentacion in a shooting in Florida is not likely targeted assassination attempt. The Jahseh Onfroy was born twenty-year-old rapper Monday was shot for the door at a motorcycle dealer in Deerfield Beach, north of Miami.

The police think he is a victim of two roofovervallers that it is not just on him had wanted to, said a lawyer representing the rapper against local media. The Florida-born Onfroy was of very young age and violent to say depressed. He sat in a juvenile hall and at the end of last year, accused of severe abuse of his pregnant girlfriend, a death threat and witness intimidation.

The death of the 21-year-old rapper Travon Smart, known as Jimmy Wopo, in his living room, place of birth Pittsburgh would do with the criminal activities of the victim. He was also on Monday in his car and killed and was an acquaintance of the police. Who is investigating, according to local media, the involvement of Smart at other shootings in the city.

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