More than 180 missing after accident ferry Lake

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JAKARTA – On the ferry on Monday, capsized on the Lake in North Sumatra were many more passengers than was believed up to now. According to the Indonesian authorities, there are 180 people missing, earlier it was reported that the ferry 80 passengers. The number of missing persons is three times as large as the capacity of the ship.

The ship was in trouble, when bad weather was on the way gone from Simanindo to Tigaras. The conditions complicate the search for the drowning, said a spokesman of Indonesian disaster agency. Until now there are eighteen survivors found and two bodies recovered.

Danau Toba is the largest volcanic crater lake in the world, from about 100 to 31 kilometers. The area is popular with tourists. Many Indonesian families have celebrated over the past few days the Character on the peninsula of Samosir.

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