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Moldova: Blockchain against human trafficking

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Moldova fights-to-date with poverty, unemployment and human trafficking. A Blockchain solution is to create, in cooperation with ConsenSys at the latter point remedy.

The Republic of Moldova, better known under the name of Moldova, is a landlocked country in South-East Europe. It borders the Ukraine and Romania and is home to almost 3.5 million inhabitants, about as many people as the German capital. Infrastructure in Moldova, however, is much worse than in Berlin. Due to a high poverty rate in combination with a high unemployment rate the country has to deal with human trafficking.

As Reuters recourse reported to United Nations Figures, the country has one of the highest rates in human trafficking in Europe. To find a absolutely reliable Figures, it is difficult – ultimately it is a matter that should not reach the surface. And so the Problem, ultimately, also by the fact that many children are not registered after birth in the first place to the authorities, for human traffickers all the more easier to bring them with forged documents across the border, in order to sell them there.

Moldova is planning to now, this Problem in cooperation with Consensys with a Blockchain solution to address. In this respect, the government is now working on a project to capture identity data on the Blockchain. The technology according to this data would then be transparent, always held, and especially: unchangeable.

As another serious Problem, which is closely related to the human trafficking is corruption. With an average monthly wage of 120 euros, many of the officers in the opposite syringe to take every conceivable financial gratefully. The ability to bribe officials, it makes it so much easier to carry people with fake identity data across borders. By using a Blockchain solution to this Corruptibility of the system would be complicated by Another.

Symptom-fighting instead of problem solving

A Blockchain solution should ultimately ensure that at least the authenticity of the identity of people and recorded can be checked. To imagine a control on the basis of a scan of the Iris or of the finger is pull the trigger. Alerting the parents to ensure that children do not come without the Knowledge of the guardians on the border. So that you can make, the hope, the traffickers easier to identify, and in addition, before the court to account.

The approach is good, the execution however, is still on. Neither is known how to collect the necessary data, nor exactly how and where to store it later. Also, the approach to Symptom control at the high rate of unemployment and the economically desolate state of the country, the approach doesn’t change anything.

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