Mice eat are full of rupees

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TINSUKIA – The disregard of arrears of maintenance, the State Bank of India a schadepost of only fifteen thousand euro delivered.

Mechanics found a cash machine full of with to a pulp ’processed’ roepiebiljetten.

It took three weeks before a technician was sent to a broken atm machine in the town of Tinsukia. That made a remarkable discovery: mice had at that time almost half of the cash to a pulp processed. Just not a 1.25 million rupiah was opgeknaagd by the vermin, while around 1.7 million still would be saved.

The police will not with the case in question, because there is no criminal offence has taken place: “If the vending machine by schorriemorrie was sabotaged that the notes had been damaged, there was a role for us. But in this case, they were only mischievous mice.”

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