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McAfee is ICOs no longer apply on the basis of SEC threats

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John McAfee is one of the most prominent crypto-supporter of our time and an absolute all time favorite when it comes to the recommendation of the new ICOs and crypto-currencies. By the “McAfee-effect” have already won some projects on attention and were able to collect new capital. Thus, according to the SEC, from now on, but in the end.

As we already reported, McAfee, on the basis of a possible classification of a variety of crypto-currencies through the implementation of an ICOs as part of the securities, to the public with the Security and exchange commision and challenged to a TV debate. In his opinion, the SEC had exceeded a limit that may not exceed.

Current developments show, however, is that Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as Ripple seem to be no securities. Even if this discussion is not yet resolved fully, finally, giving way to the prevailing unrest in the crypto currency market in this point of discussion.

McAfee is now ICOs stop promoting on Twitter, he is the SEC “the” would be threatened if he were to pursue this area of activity. Further Details are not known. McAfee received per promotional tweet, in which he promoted a Coin or ICO, up to $ 100,000.

McAfee will bend to the will of the SEC, however, he announced directly that he will find Alternatives to writing in order to continue good article about ICOs and to make these accessible to the Public.

McAfee is a very extroverted and successful pioneer of the digital age, and his voice is still strong appreciation and great attention. The conditions are changing, his opinion remains the same. The next time will show which of the new channels will be riding the Mcafee dam.

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