May book brexitsuccesje in parliament

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LONDON – British prime minister Theresa May has re-an achievement recognized in the house of Commons on the way to the exit from the European Union. The delegates names are in the majority, with 319 against 303, satisfaction with the regeringsvoorstel the parliament a “vote of importance” about the result of the brexitonderhandelingen.

Theresa May.

The proponents of the EU remain, among whom are a number of Conservatives, demanded more influence of the members of the House of Commons at the conclusion of the brexitdeal. When Mays partijgenoot Dominic Grieve, on Wednesday said that he could find in the formulation “meaningful vote” , it seemed the worst of the cold from the air and the danger of rebellion, provisionally, taken away.

Before the brexit a fact is must May, however, still a large number of bills through the divided parliament to pilots.

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