Martin Gaus had a hole in small intestine

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Martin Gaus has been recently, with severe stomach pains ended up in hospital. Only after days of study, doctors found out that he has a hole in his small intestine.

“It’s bizarre how life can be totally unexpected in the deadly tang to then to turn 180 degrees and you get a look at a future”, says the 73-year-old Gaus in the Story.

Gaus heard early this year that his kidneys are only 16 percent function and is, therefore, in anticipation of a donornier. To relax went Gaus with his wife to the island of Texel, but there he was suffering from severe stomach pains.

“It turned out to be difficult to discover what I had, especially because treatment with contrast dye of my last bit of kidney function would devastate.” Eventually, it was discovered that he had a hole in his small intestine. “It had not much longer to last. My organs and abdominal wall were due to an acid poison has affected. And that caused such excruciating pain attacks.”


The surgery went well, but the renal function of Gaus was virtually nil. “My body poisoned itself. Dialysis had me the worst seemed to me could happen to you. I didn’t want to hear. But next to me was a young man who gave me the confidence that dialyseren not the end of your fun in life.”

Gaus is in anticipation of the donornier three times per week dialysis. “It is now important to strengthen. Many muscles are gone. So, I have a job to do. Because only then will I physically be able to donornier to receive.”


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