Martin Garrix: ’Without Tiësto, I was never a dj”

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Martin Garrix thinks that he is without a companion,-dj Tiësto, maybe never dj would have become. That says, the world star in an interview in a special edition of the journal Quest Junior.

Martin Garrix

Garrix let you know that He is its great example, is, and always will be. He tells it to his started making electronic music after he’s the dj, in 2004, saw action during the Olympic Games in Athens. “I was eight years old and it was the first time that I have the music heard. Without that action, I was, perhaps, never started producing and djing.”

Although Garrix electronic music, it helps to play a guitar for him also in making his music. “I often get ideas for songs when I play guitar. And I am able to melodies so recording on my computer. Then I work further on.”

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