Man from Cologne, prepared gif-stop for

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COLOGNE – The German criminal police is now convinced that a Tunesiër in Cologne a terrorist attack with the poison ricin prepared. The man was clearly doing a ’biobom’ said the leader of the federal recherchedienst BKA Holger Münch Wednesday. The information that gifbom to make he took from the internet.

The 29-year-old man was last week Tuesday in his home in Cologne held, because according to intelligence agencies suspect cases on the internet ordered. In his house he seemed to be the substance ricin and he was immediately suspected of the suspected of terrorist activities. The highly toxic substance is sourced from the beans of an African plant and is also as a chemical weapon.

It is not known whether the man’s accomplices has had, nor where and when he was planning to strike. Possible he has acted on his own accord. Münch expressed concern about such radicalised individuals, of which there may be hundreds of them in Germany.

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