Lynn Van Royen win for Beau Sejour in Monte-Carlo

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The One-series Beau Séjour of production company of The People on Tuesday in the awards at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Lynn Van Royen, the singing drummer, was awarded as the Best Actress in a dramareeks. Lynn, if the award in Monte-Carlo in reception, in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Monte-Carlo Television Festival, an event dedicated to international televisiereeksen, this year already in its 58th edition. During the festival, of which Prince Albert II of Monaco president, the annual Golden Nymph Awards. These prices reward the best actors and international series of the moment.

Lynn Van Royen, that for the series in the skin of the murdered Kato Have crawled, was awarded as the Best Actress for her performance. She took it in her category against Christine Baranski (The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife) Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey, Liar).
Lynn: “for me, It was huge fun to be in the skin of Kato to crawl and then I am also happy that a character that I like to see, so much love, even across the Belgian borders. I am also so grateful and proud that our choice to stay away from clichés, to a strong female lead to put down, and to add an extra dimension to create as much positive attention as you can count.” In the glamorous Monaco were Nathalie Basteyns and Kaat Beels, Sanne Nuyens and Lynn Van Royen the honor of the series defend, also in the category of Best Dramareeks.
Directors Nathalie Basteyns and Kaat Beels: “What an honor that Beau Séjour here in Monte-Carlo, nominated and we are so proud of This victory! For us it is very important to female directors stories to continue telling with strong female leading roles, such as Kato. When that is appreciated by a worldwide audience, we can only be grateful.”

Scenariste Sanne Nuyens: “This is truly fantastic! I hope as a screenwriter that in the future we have the chance to continue to get to on the Flemish level sets of which apparently also internationally appreciated, as we at this yet again proved with Beau Séjour.”
That future is already in sight, because currently, this same team to the scenario of season 2 of Beau Séjour. The recordings will start in may 2019 and the series will see later on One.
Earlier this week praised The New York Times Beau Séjour as one of the 8 must-see series that violence against women, to denounce it.

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