Lynn Van Royen is The Luizenmoeder

634d0024921c03114c268a4b0e68c2da - Lynn Van Royen is The Luizenmoeder

Lynn Van Royen – on Tuesday crowned as Best Actress at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival – will play the major role in The Luizenmoeder, a new comedy at VTM, based on the classic success story from the Netherlands. Other important roles are for Els Dottermans, she plays the Flemish version of miss Ank, and Tom Audenaert as the school principal.

The Luizenmoeder since the beginning of this year to be seen by our Neighbors and is a huge success. The series breaks all kijkcijferrecords and has nothing but rave reviews. The Luizenmoeder is located in one of the most recognizable arenas: the world of the primary school. Because everyone has ever been to school, now has children in school or sitting still at that school. The series is a satire on the behavior of parents, school staff and the children. The school is a reflection of the contemporary world, with its own schoolpleinregels, parking management, hangouders, tienminutengesprekken, klassenapp-groups and … luizenmoeders.

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