Lucas Van den Eynde as ijsfabrikant in new VTM series

a3690b938afc82dfdabda668d766133d - Lucas Van den Eynde as ijsfabrikant in new VTM series

The recordings for ‘Phil Frisco’, a new series for VTM are in full swing. The role of ijsfabrikant Philip Druyts is reserved for Lucas Van den Eynde.

Phil Frisco’ is a light-hearted crime drama. Philip Druyts, known as Phil Frisco, is a self-made entrepreneur. Very popular with his employees, but blind to everything in his family is done. Vrouwlief, played by Viv Van Dingenen, decides his life’s work, without his knowledge, to sell… to an American multinational. And stop the drama!“A tragikomisch story with the utmost seriousness is played, but sometimes so embarrassing that it’s laughable scenes yields,” describes Van den Eynde ‘Phil Frisco’ itself to The Latest News. In addition to Van den Eynde and Van Dingenen also play Koen De Bouw, Barbara Sarafian, Vincent Van Sande Luc Wyns, Jan Hammenecker, Nico Sturm, Ward Kerremans, Marthe Schneider and Lize Ferryn a starring role in the series. ‘Phil Frisco’ is produced by the production houses Dedsfilm and Cartouche. The images in september. When the series is broadcast on VTM, will be announced later.

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