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Law firm claims that Tether’s USD reserves are intact

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According to an article by Reuters Tether has published a report from a law firm indicating that the controversy Token is fully supported by USD.

The crypto-exchange Bitfinex related Token has experienced in the last few months a lot of pressure from the Public, as well as of the regulators, as concerns exist that the company prints money out of pure air.

A study by the University of Texas had claimed that this process last year led to an enormous increase in value of crypto currencies, with a regular billion of Tether tokens in the value of exactly $ 1 were printed.

The report by Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan LLP, a Washington-based law firm, under the leadership of former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, claiming that Tether USD in the amount of the value of the market capitalization of the Tether. The lawyers claim that they 1. June notarized statements of account of the company.

Tether has resisted for a long time against allegations of misconduct. Stuart Hoegner, Bitfinex General Counsel, told:

“This manipulation allegations are completely misplaced,”

While Tether has rejected accusations that you have failed to provide a full external investigation to perform, even under heavy pressure and a subpoena from U.S. regulators.

Today’s announcement is, however, no Audit, and the company has its doors to external Supervisory authorities continue to be locked.

Critics of the Token is traded now on Poloniex and Binain, will not be completely appeased by today’s news. It is a positive step and who is waiting anxiously on a Tether disaster, we can finally get a breath of fresh air.

Critics of the token will not be appeased by this news however, totally. However, it is a positive step, and those waiting anxiously on a Tether disaster, can finally get a breath of fresh air.

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