Later on the VTM: With Four in the Bed

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With Four in Bed halts in the province of Luxembourg, where between the woods and the brook, the picturesque village of Soy is. On a few of the popular caves Hotton-sur-Ourthe is located Au Bord de la Source, the B&B of the waffle house and Kris. Hostess are sitting at the waffle house in the genes: her 3 sisters income, after all, also a B&B out. With the same goal in mind, bought the pair in 2008, a house in the Ardennes. The renovations, which they all wanted to run, took many years to complete, but the final result may be seen. In the two charming rooms delusions guests back in the glory days of Marie Antoinette and Louis-Philippe. In addition, was placed there in the garden of Au Bord de la Source is a pipowagen, which was converted into a very practical holiday home with glorious decorations, such as a crystal chandelier and sliding doors in koperzetglas.

With Four in the Bed, from Monday to Thursday at 21.05 on VTM.

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