Kristel Verbeke and Alex Agnew in voice cast Fell

b2dda11846d28e464959d5591e6ecba8 - Kristel Verbeke and Alex Agnew in voice cast Fell

On July 11, will “Fell” in the halls, the long animated film as co-producer Ives Agemans of the Antwerp-based animation studio Cyborn. For the Flemish voice cast was chosen for Kristel Verbeke, Warre Borgmans and Alex Agnew.
Other votes are for Dries Van Cauwenbergh, which Fell by speaking, Dries Van Hegen, Giovanni Kemper and Vicky Florus.
“Ploey” (the international title), was already previously in a number of countries, released, and dragged several festivalselecties in wait, and won just last month, the ‘Best Children’s Film’ on the KICFF Festival in Norway. The full 3D production took place at the Antwerp production house Cyborn. For two years, worked 70 people within different departments (modelling, animation, compositing) on this project.
The voice of Fluffling is recorded by Dries Van Cauwenbergh. He played in the musicals ‘14-18’, ‘Mozart’ and ‘Dolfje Weerwolfje’. His mom is voiced by Kristel Verbeke and his dad by Dries Van Hegen. Alex Agnew speaks the voice of the villainous falcon, Shadow, Warre Borgmans is Giron, and Giovanni Kemper takes the voice of Sloey for his account.

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